A Condo Is Better Than Buying A Property

A person owns a large property, and a single unit was bought by another person called a condominium. It is a bit different from the regular property, any person buying a house becomes the landlord of that particular house, but condo usually happens in residential buildings. A flat was individually maintained by someone who became the landlord of that area, not the whole residential property. Condo owners will have to pay a certain amount, and they also have to pay for maintenance. When the condo owner is absent, the property owner will look after it. The individual can avail facilities like a swimming pool, gym, game rooms, community hall, etc. So today going to discuss Condo Phahonyothin in a detailed manner as to what is there in it.

It’s relatively cheap than buying a whole property and you can select a condo with a nice view where you can spend your only time and throw a party whenever you wish. But there are a few disadvantages like if your guest comes over to park their car, you have to pay extra. On your property, you can own the lawn, but here lawn is shared by many, so solely can’t be enjoyed. In most cases, they don’t allow pets as well.

 Condo Phahonyothin (คอน โด พหลโยธิน, which is a term in Thai) is a condo, so Phahonyothin has three residential buildings. So this condo is appealing as the view is incredible, and you have all the shopping malls and marketplaces nearby. Large swimming and a spectacular rooftop with fantastic greenery provide freshness and calmness. On the rooftop, sitting areas feel outstanding at night as you can see the glistening stars. This view refreshed most of the people with their evening tea. Now there are fitness room, yoga room, a huge garden, and 24 hours WiFi facility.

The rooms of Condo Phahonyothin are a bit spacious and airy, having two verandas and a huge kitchen, where all amenities are there. They are always at your doorstep if you face water, electricity, or plumbing problems. It has a vast parking area, so if you are planning for a party then you don’t have to think about parking, but the thing is that you need to pay extra charges for that. The community hall is equally huge to gather quite a good number of people.