Amazing facts about Parquet flooring

Amazing facts about Parquet flooring

Parquet Flooring is a new word but what is this? Where does it come from? It’s a type of floor covering, and it came to us by the word parquet. It’s a French word that means small chambers or boxes. These floors were first used in Versailles in the 1600s where it was replaced with marble flooring and demanded more upkeep. First its theme was adopted in France and after that it became more popular to the entire Europe.


These flooring are prepared with engineering or solid construction which is famous for using a wide range of wooden parts and consists of oak, walnut, pine, maple, and of course lime. These are prepared with solid timber which you like the most. The quality and durability of these floors never match to another one but, indeed, these floors are not available at cheap prices their prices are according to the square foot, but the common type of these floors are premade wooden tiles it’s the cost is less than parquet flooring its prices are also according to the square foot.

Looks like wood

Parquet floors are like wooden floors, but these are settled down by some slats of wood in distinct and repeating formation is necessary in it, on the other hand, simple or traditional parquet can be installed at once and available in the form of tiles in which wooden slats are bonded and worked as back material.


These floors are not waterproof we can say that engineering wood or solid wood can absorb water in less amount, but these parquet floors can’t bear a single spillage of water or oily products if liquid things fall you should immediately clean the surface of the floors before any damage.

Causes of slips

Dust causes slips because of Debris and dusts your feet become slip on the wood surface, some of the time friction may cause slips which becomes the reason for serious injury regularly clean the floors with sweeping and mopping. It is the only process to make your home clean and save from slips.

Removes rough surface

After some time, all the floors looked dull and lost their original shine. There are lots of effective remedies which can easily work and makes your floor shiny, and stain free make the mixture of water, vinegar, and liquid and then gently rub your floor with sweeping, brush, or a soft sponge and then clean it with simple water you can easily examine the floor before and after.

Applying parquet over concrete floors

Yes, solid parquet floors can be easily applied on concrete slabs with the help of glue try to hire a professional for this purpose because he can do this work without any loss most of the manufacturers suggest you vapor retarder.


Osmo Polyx hard wax oil is a famous product that is recommended by experts and called a good decision for dust-free parquet restoration services. Either you must choose hardwearing polish or mild oil-based sealants only for your floors because you can sand these floors to make them soft, and smooth when the sealant is easily settled.