Everything You Need to Know About Message Archiving

Recordkeeping is not a new thing for companies. Nonetheless, with all the technological advancements, it has now become digitalized. Furthermore, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) add many tasks and ordinances to bookkeeping.

One common aspect FINRA legislated is message archiving, considered a text-archiving solution and part of the cybersecurity checklist by FINRA and SEC Form List to protect assets from technologized intrusions.

Factors to Know About Message Archiving

Digital communication took a serious curb during the COVID-19 pandemic, considering social and physical interaction has been restricted. Hence, the only way to interact with each other is through the following software:

  • Social media platforms
  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Instant messaging (IM) applications

Telecommunication continues to shape up as a part of every person’s daily life. Changes like this were condoned to higher-ups to make archive messages enterprise a part of metadatabase keeping. However, why is this vital in today’s digitalized interactiveness?

Beneficial Factors of Message Archiving

Significantly, business industry professionals must know the advantages of message-archiving solutions. Knowledge in this matter will help them understand how to abide by SEC and FINRA’s legislations regarding mobile archiving. Furthermore, it can also help them experience the many advantages it can offer, such as:

Secured Communication

Any social media or instant messaging applications have encryptions. Cryptography is essential since it is the practice of enciphering data, so the message a person sends is only meant to be read by the person the message was intended to.

The only drawback is thathackers and scammers still find a way to get through these encryptions. Thus, message-archiving solutions are a must since they prevent recurring data leakage by monitoring settings that alert users in case of intruders in their accounts.

Maximize Business Marketing Strategy

Text archiving provides a vast gain of company and customer databases. Companies can leverage all this info to enhance their merchandising tactics.

Message archiving identifies any flaw within the firm’s internal conversations. Through this, they can change how they communicate with customers and clients and create a better workplace environment.

When an enterprise has an improved workforce, it could also provide strengthened and adequate products, services, and customer support.

Generate a Primary and Reliable Source

Having all accurate digital records of both sender and receiver is highly important. Enterprises will have the credibility to have one source of truth in case something happens. With message archiving, companies can prove which party is telling the truth and which does not.

They do not have to deal with the “he said, she said” type of witnesses since they have a solid, trustworthy, reliable source of truth.

Companies can only achieve all these benefits with a solid instant messaging application.

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