The Finest Sushi in Japan during summer

Summer in Japan, lasts from June to September. Summertime menus will be new and exciting, offering everything from sushi to barbecue in the American style and craft beer on tap. All of the newest and freshest summer rice brews from all over Japan are restocked in Japanese sake bars’ coolers and shelves, and they go well with all of the newest and freshest summer sushi with cute floral pattern garnishes. Summer is literally present in the air. For your culinary pleasure, we will compile a list of the best summer sushi in this essay. We may even offer some recommendations for Japanese sake.

We begin with our list of the best summer sushi

  • Karei, also known as a “flat fish” in JapaneseThis is the fatter, marbled variety. Because it’s white meat, this fish has delicate flavors.
  • Anago, also known as Japanese conger sea eel, is supple and melts in your mouth. It truly is delicious sushi.
  • In North America, Europe, and the greater part of Asia, Kanpachi – Yellowtail is possibly the most well-known type of sushi. It goes by a variety of names depending on the prefecture in which you live.
  • Ebi, or tiger prawn, is another sushi that is easy to recognize and popular all over the world.
  • Amberjack: HiramasaIt’s also called yellowtail, but it looks a little different. Choose Hiramasa if you have to choose between “buri,” “Kanpachi,” or “Hiramasa.”
  • Kochi: Platycephalus Idicus; despite the lengthy name’s significance, Say Kochi only. It has a sweet, springy flavor. It has been dubbed the “Fugu of Summer,” referring to the blowfish that is typically associated with cooler months.
  • Sea Urchin: Uni is my top pick, especially in August if you are in the Tohoku region. Some of the world’s best sea urchins are found in Iwate and Aomori. Have you ever tried rice with grilled sea urchin? You have never lived. The only seafood that pairs exceptionally well with Japanese rice brew is this one.Sea urchin is typically served raw, so if at all possible, steer clear of sea urchin from areas other than Hokkaido, Iwate, or Aomori.
  • Suzuki’s Perch or Sea Bass is another well-known fish in North America. It is frequently baked or fried. It is a summer fish that is consumed raw in Japan, giving it a completely different texture. You can really enjoy its exquisite flavors if you eat it slowly.
  • Aji, or Japanese Horse Mackerel, is an excellent fish for the summer. Sushi is readily available throughout the year, but, like the Japanese, it tastes best during the seasons. Summer is the best time to experience Aji.

Because they can be enjoyed both during and after the summer, there are probably a dozen additional varieties of sushi that are not included in this list. We deliberately did not include squid on my list because we do not like raw squid very well and it takes some getting used to. However, it tastes fantastic when cooked.

What complements sushi well?

Each to their own, personal taste matters a lot. When it comes to beverages, you should find your own personal preference, but we would suggest trying everything at least once. We personally prefer Japanese sake with all sushi, with the exception of tuna, for which we prefer beer. Champagnes and sparkling wines have also gained popularity with sushi. Will has been known to pair well with unagi or eel and sweet wines.