The Reception Desk Represents The Company – What Impression Do You Make On Visitors And Customers?  

Crossing the company’s threshold, your customers first see the reception desk. Sometimes they just pass through it, going to the right room, and sometimes they have to wait for an employee and entertain them here for a longer time. 

A reception area is a place that testifies about the company. How it is decorated is immediately perceived by all who enter the company. Is it functional? Is it designed with customers in mind? Is it aesthetically pleasing? 

Concrete reception desk as it represents the image of the entire facility, it should be designed with attention to every detail, both aesthetically and functionally. The reception desk is where the first contact with customers occurs, so it must present itself at the highest possible level. When considering reception desk ideas, there are many factors to consider.


 The reception desk itself is of great importance, which should be practical for visitors and the employees themselves. Therefore, Concrete reception desk will be an important aspect of the ease of cleaning and maintenance of the furniture, especially important from the perspective of the work of the cleaning crew.


 The decor of the reception desk must harmonize with the style of the entire building, including guest rooms, so the space arrangement should be handled comprehensively. Recently, many interesting interior concepts can be found in hotels. Concrete deserves special attention among fashionable materials, thanks to its simplicity and minimalism, which fits almost any aesthetic.


Reception Desk – aesthetically pleasing and functional.

It should look great and, at the same time, perform some additional functions that enable receptionists to serve customers at the highest level. The reception desk arrangement is primarily concrete reception desk, which customers lean against when contacting employees.


From the outside, the reception desk should be impressive, so it is worth betting on an elegant material, such as stone, wood, and, above all, concrete. Since the inner part of the reception desk is used only by employees, it hides many elements of necessary equipment: filing cabinets, computers, printers, cash register, and many others.


For this reason, it should be designed according to the principles of workplace ergonomics. This means providing the team with optimal conditions for performing their duties, adapted to the needs and abilities of each employee.

Interesting reception desk ideas

When choosing a reception desk decor, you must choose a specific style to maintain a consistent aesthetic with the rest of the office. Each interior design features a different color scheme, type of furniture, or accessories, so it should match the chosen business model.


The most popular reception arrangements are a classic style, dominated by subdued colors and synonymous with elegance, and receptions decorated according to glamour aesthetics, full of glamour, shiny materials, and glass.


Recently, Concrete reception desk is also gaining popularity. This concept is reminiscent of old factory-style factories, full of raw concrete and brick elements. 


Concrete, as an element of the interior design, works well, as it looks imposing, and at the same time, has many valuable properties important from the perspective of office building owners. These include durability, scratch resistance, or ease of cleaning and maintenance.